The Seattle Children’s Hospital Mold Lawsuit Exposes Danger to All

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Just a couple of weeks ago, on January 22, 2024, a trial began here in Washington State that almost no one is talking about. The press likely doesn’t think the Seattle Childrens Hospital mold lawsuit has that much impact on the general public. But they’re mistaken.

The trial centers around over 70 families of patients in Seattle Children’s Hospital. The families sued the hospital because they learned that Aspergillus mold was discovered in several operating rooms, which means that all those patients were exposed to harmful mold spores. Mold exposure isn’t healthy for anyone… but it can be fatal to those with already compromised immune systems. In fact, according to King5 News, 7 young patients have died of mold exposure in this hospital since 2001.

Source: King5 News (

Why this matters to YOU.

The story of the Seattle Childrens Hospital mold lawsuit is tragic, to say the least. But it should also be a serious warning to every homeowner and business owner out there. All those deaths and this entire lawsuit could almost certainly have been avoided if Seattle Children’s Hospital had conducted annual mold inspections. This is why we stress them so seriously.

Getting an annual mold inspection is just like insurance. You don’t have to have it. But if you don’t get it, you’ll very likely get caught with your pants down someday, and you’ll have hell to pay then. Mold can grow where you can’t see it in any building, home or business. And since you can’t see it, it can have months or years to spread unchecked. Click here to see the top 5 places mold hides.

And, as previously mentioned, mold exposure isn’t just unhealthy for those who are already sick. Mold exposure is bad for everyone, to some degree. It can cause allergy or cold-like symptoms that won’t go away, headaches, poor sleep quality, dizziness, and more! Knowing whether there’s mold hidden in your property is crucial to the health of your home, and your loved ones.

Don’t just live on a hope and a prayer that your home is mold-free. KNOW that it’s mold-free. Yes, it’s an investment of some of your hard-earned money. But again, just like insurance, it’s the principle of investing a little now, so that you aren’t forced to pay a lot later.

We here at Cleaner Guys have been in the mold inspection and removal business for decades, and we’ve seen countless mold problems that grew exponentially because they weren’t discovered early on. Typically, those large mold jobs cost thousands of dollars to remove and restore. We’re not advising you to start getting annual mold inspections for our benefit. We’re advising it for yours.

Finding someone to do your annual mold inspections.

We encourage you to look up an annual mold inspection company now, and begin the process of protecting your home from this very real threat that Seattle Children’s Hospital is now having to deal with.

Naturally, we recommend Cleaner Guys the most, because we know we can provide an annual mold inspection service at a much lower price than our competitors. Actually, most of our competitors don’t even have a dedicated annual mold inspection program! But we do, right here. We have the best prices, and we’re the best-equipped to keep your home safe from mold.

Call 360-757-4300 today. Tap the phone number in the menu at the top of your screen right now!

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