Why is Mold Remediation So Expensive? Quick Answers from Pros

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why is mold remediation so expensive?

Have you just found out how much removing your mold is going to cost? Ouch! In many instances, it can be pretty expensive, we know.

So in this article, we’re going to turn to the mold removal specialists at Cleaner Guys, a professional mold and water damage restoration company, and ask them, “Why is mold remediation so expensive?”

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Specially-Certified Skilled Labor

One big reason why mold remediation is expensive is because it is expensive for mold remediation companies to train and certify their technicians. Did you know that mold remediation technicians have to take special certification courses and conferences, JUST to learn about mold? They do! The world of fighting mold is an ever-evolving space, and there’s a lot of science involved in knowing everything about how to treat mold.

Mold remediation technicians attending certification classes. Image courtesy of

So, one of the answers to “Why is mold remediation so expensive” is that the only people who can remove your mold have spent a lot of their money and time to be certified enough to do it. You pay for the expertise they trained hard to have.

Specially-Designed Equipment

Another reason mold remediation can be expensive is that it usually requires expensive specialty equipment. Mold removal can be done without any of this brilliant labor-saving equipment, but it will usually take weeks longer for your mold to be gone. High-quality companies pay for the expensive specialty mold remediation equipment so that you can have your home back as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Structural drying equipment.

The above photo is an example of such specialty equipment that we here at Cleaner Guys use on our own mold remediation job sites! It’s a special high-power fan connected to a system of hoses that are inserted into a water-damaged wall, blowing air directly into the wall cavity. Sometimes, this allows for complete drying out of water damage without needing to remove any materials! Special labor and time-saving equipment like this makes mold remediation more expensive.

Travel Costs

You can’t bring your moldy house to us, so we have to bring our mold removal equipment and technicians to you! And vehicles big enough to carry our equipment and materials are pretty pricey. So is gas, and all other associated travel expenses. This also factors into the total cost of your mold remediation.

An example of the size of vehicles we use here at Cleaner Guys.

Materials, Materials, Materials

In our 20+ years of experience doing mold removal here at Cleaner Guys, we can tell you that most of the time, some mold-contaminated materials are beyond salvaging, and need to be torn out and replaced. This means that you often must pay for the replacement of those materials, which can include wood framing, drywall, flooring, subflooring, drywall mud, sanding materials, paint and primer, trim, and more!

On top of that, it takes special chemical solutions to effectively kill mold. These specialty chemical solutions also cost money, which also has to be factored into the total cost of mold remediation.

The Unfortunate News

There’s one other factor that can affect the price of your mold remediation. Not all companies are as honest as they should be with their pricing. They can choose to overcharge, or get the most expensive materials instead of the most cost-effective ones. Sadly, we’ve seen it a lot all around us in our area of work. Often, a homeowner will be unimpressed with a contractor’s work, and switch to using Cleaner Guys. We then discover that the previous contractor was also charging the homeowner too much! It happens all the time.

However, there are companies that commit to keeping prices as low as they can, thinking of the customer and not themselves. We’re proud to say that Cleaner Guys is one of these companies! We hate that some companies will do that to unwitting clients, and so our mission is to always provide the best and most honest prices and customer service that we can.

If you live in Western Washington State, then you’re in luck — you could work with us directly! But if you live anywhere else, the best way to make sure you choose a company that won’t overcharge you is to look at other clients’ reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Angi. Those reviews will usually tell you if the company regularly charges high prices, or whether clients are generally satisfied with their prices.

To learn more about how to choose a trustworthy mold remediation company, read this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is mold remediation really necessary?

Yes, if you have more than one square foot of mold in your home, mold remediation is absolutely necessary. Mold roots deeply in whatever material it grows on, so however much mold you see, there’s almost certainly much more that you can’t see. And only mold remediation professionals can safely and effectively remove mold completely.

Will mold come back after remediation?

If the mold remediation is done correctly, no, mold should not come back. However, if you try to remove the mold yourself with home remedies, if the source of the moisture that caused the mold is not addressed, or if the company you hire doesn’t do a thorough job, it can come back.

Is it safe to stay in a house during mold remediation?

It depends on how widespread the mold is. If the mold is only in one small area, you can probably stay in your home during repairs. However, if most of your home is infested with mold, for your own health it is best to stay out of the house until repairs are done. But ultimately, whether you’ll get to stay in your home will be up to your mold remediation company’s advice. Click here for more details.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. No part of this article is medical or legal advice, and may not be used as such. For all serious medical matters, consult your doctor. For all serious legal matters, consult your legal advisor. This article contains Cleaner Guys’ experience and opinions only.

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