The Cross on the Hill in Burlington is Being Restored by the Burlington Firefighters Association

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Burlington Cross restoration and maintenance

If you live in or travel through Skagit County WA at night, you will have likely noticed the beaming white cross on the South side of Burlington Hill. 

The story behind this cross is a meaningful but tragic story, involving the death of a little boy, and the resulting community effort to memorialize him. You can read the full story at The Skagit Valley Herald.

Over the years, the maintenance and operation of the cross has been paid for by local residents, and is organized and headed up by the Burlington Firefighters Association

If you appreciate and cherish this small town memorial to a young life lost, and if you’d like to contribute a small amount to keeping the cross a shining beacon of hope over our valley, contact the Burlington Firefighters Association

The cross was just recently refurbished with cleaning, new paint and new lights thanks to a long list of supporters. For their time, effort, and expense, we here at Cleaner Guys would like to thank:

Aspen Power Catamarans

Bayview Electric

Burlington Firefighters Association

Marty’s Paints

Seahurst Electric

Van’s Equipment Company


If you would like to contribute to the cost of maintenance and operation of the cross; contact the Burlington Fire Department directly, or you can mail a check noting “Cross Fund” in the comments.


And, if you ever suffer damage to your home or property in our area, we have the services, the trustworthiness, and the professionalism to serve you.

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