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So, you’ve discovered mold in your home? We know this is stressful, frustrating, and worrying. But we’ve got your back! If you’re not sure who to call or what to do to get this mold out of your house, read on — we’ll cover everything you need to know in a 5-minute read.

So… Who DO You Call for Mold Removal?

The right person to call for mold removal is always only a licensed, certified mold removal professional. There are several good certification programs, such as IICRC, PMII, MICRO, and CHC, but the important thing is to make sure the company you choose is certified in one of the above (or another certification program). Molds and the situations that cause them are complex, and you want to be sure to hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s a Shortcut.

Worrying about choosing the right company can feel like just another straw on the camel’s back! This situation is already scary and frustrating enough! Isn’t there a simple way to understand all of this? Yes, there is! Take a look at our handy flow chart below, and then if you still have questions, continue reading.

how to choose the right service company infographic flow chart

Let’s break down each of these steps in more depth, shall we?

“Mold Inspection Company Near Me”

The first step to finding the right person you can trust to take care of the mold in your house is to use the right search terms. It may seem simple, but in the middle of a stressful moment, many people may not think to look up companies exclusively near them. A good way to structure a search query when searching for who to call for mold removal is this: “[insert service needed] near [insert your location]”. For example, “mold removal near Mount Vernon, WA” (which is where Cleaner Guys is located).

You can put in such a search query in any search engine, but Google has the unique benefit of listing the top 3-5 most popular companies right at the top of the page. This is a great place to do our next step, because Google has already done some of the legwork for us.

The Importance of Patterns in Reviews

Reading a company’s reviews is one of the most basic kinds of research you can do into a company. It’s also one of the most valuable, because hearing the experiences of real people who tried that company is priceless.

Review-Reading Pro Strategy

Just scrolling through reviews can be a fine way to determine the trustworthiness of a company… but it’s often too vague. If you want to really know what a company’s reputation is, do this: look for patterns in what the reviews say.

One reviewer could say that they had a terrible customer experience with the person on the phone, but that’s just one instance. It could be that the person who picked up the phone was having a really bad day, and they normally offer stellar customer service! What you should care about is whether many reviews complain of poor customer service. That’s a sign that it’s an actual problem.

On the other side of the coin: if one review says that they paid a super low price, that’s just one instance. There could have been any number of unique circumstances or needs that allowed them to get the low price they paid. But, if you see many reviews that say they got a great deal and a low price, now you know for sure that this company has great deals and low prices!

Never let a single review determine what you think of a company. Look for patterns.

Don’t Just Contact One Company

The next essential key to choosing who to call for mold removal is to get quotes from more than one company. Select 2-5 of the companies that you like, and ask all of them for quotes. Otherwise, you’ll never know if the company you picked has great customer service, but really high prices compared to a different company.

Now, we know that this is not always possible, because you may be in the middle of an emergency, and in that case, there’s not time to do careful research. However, if you have even a few minutes of time, contacting more than one company is a really good idea — it could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Most service companies offer free estimates of what they would bid for your project; you simply contact them and describe what the problem is. Do this with multiple companies, and you’re set up for the last step of choosing a mold removal service company smartly.


Compare At Least 3 of the Top Mold Removal Companies Near You

This process could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. We see it happen all the time. Different companies that do the same work can charge drastically different amounts of money — and you want to find the best offer. So compare the reviews of the top companies near you, and then compare the prices too.

Some companies have stellar customer service, but charge far more than is necessary. Some companies have just okay customer service, but much better prices. Other companies may have only a few years of experience, but great prices, while others have decades of experience, and charge more for it. You have to determine which of these factors matters most to you and make your decision accordingly. But you can only do that if you look at several companies.

Key Takeaways

If you can, take the time to look into several of the top mold removal companies to find the best overall fit for you. Follow the flow chart infographic in this article to make the process simple and easy to remember. Not vetting multiple companies could end up costing you hundreds or thousands more dollars than you need to spend. Now, go figure out who to call for your mold removal!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. No part of this article is medical or legal advice, and may not be used as such. For all serious medical matters, consult your doctor. For all serious legal matters, consult your legal advisor. This article contains Cleaner Guys’ experience and opinions only.

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  1. Zachary Tomlinson

    It does make sense to find a mold removal company that has enough experience and the right tools to remove these from your home. I have a friend who wants to try moving into a new countryside home this year. I will recommend that he find a local mold remodiation company if he experiences any signs of mold exposure someday.

  2. Eli Richardson

    It really helped when you mentioned we’d check different mold removal services and their prices. This morning, my mom mentioned she found black mold in her basement. She thinks it’d be dangerous for her and her dog, so I think your hiring tips will lead my mom to the right mold removal company.

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