Cleaner Guys: Now Restoring Hope Too! With Liberty Road Foundation

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We at Cleaner Guys are delighted to share a significant and impactful development! It is an exciting time when you have enough abundance to give back to the community. This year, Cleaner Guys has begun giving back more significantly than ever before.

We have now joined forces with The Liberty Road Foundation: an organization whose purpose is to connect local businesses to charities that directly support those in need in Skagit County, Whatcom County, Snohomish County, and beyond!
They focus on charities that help victims of human trafficking recover in safety, protect at-risk youth, and fight poverty in our own neighborhoods. Everyone wants to make a real impact, but many don’t know how. This is how!

Image of teenager homeless on the street
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We already have a reputation for commitment to excellence and integrity in property damage restoration. Now, we’ve extended that commitment to the welfare of the entire community, by aligning with The Liberty Road Foundation.

We already involve ourselves in the Foundation’s local gatherings. Now, we get to highlight our recent sponsorship of a heartwarming fundraising dinner put on by the Foundation.
The dinner was in June, and Cleaner Guys sponsored raising funds for two charities — Engedi Refuge and Crossroads Youth Ranch. These organizations directly help victims of human trafficking recover and build new lives.

Cleaner Guys at the Liberty Road Foundation fundraising dinner

As we stand proud with Liberty Road Foundation, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the positive transformations that will undoubtedly unfold. We plan on leaving a lasting legacy of empowerment and hope within our community.

And keep in mind: next time you need mold removal, water damage cleanup, fire damage cleanup, or any of our other services… by choosing Cleaner Guys, you’re also choosing to directly help those in need in our communities, right here in Washington State.

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