Is Restoration the Same as Construction? The Simple Explanation

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What is the difference between restoration and construction and remodeling? IS there a difference? If you’re asking these questions, you’re in the right place! Cleaner Guys is a professional restoration company, so we’re well-equipped to expertly answer the question, “Is restoration the same as construction?” Read on to discover the simple answer.

Is Restoration the Same as Construction?

Restoration and construction are not the same thing, but they can overlap. Restoration is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “A bringing back to a former position or condition”. Construction is defined as “The process, art, or manner of constructing something”. In the context of buildings and their erection and repair, construction is concerned with building new buildings. Restoration is repairing it when it’s damaged, and returning it to how it was before it was damaged.

When you want to build a new building, expand and add new parts onto an existing building, or tear down and rebuild part of a non-damaged building, you require a construction company.

On the other hand, you need a restoration company when your building is damaged by water, fire, mold, a tree falling, tenant vandalism, and other such harm. The restoration company will remove all the damaged materials that can’t be fixed, like burnt, water-saturated, or mold-infested drywall, wood, flooring, etc. They will then replace all the damaged materials with brand-new materials. Lastly, they clean the damaged area so that the water, fire, or mold damage is completely gone.

Restoration often overlaps with construction because restoration technicians sometimes need to replace framing and other building materials. They’re building a new part of a building, just like construction companies do!

Is Restoration the Same as Remodeling?

Just like restoration and construction, restoration and remodeling are not the same thing, but they can overlap. Remodeling means “Altering the structure of something”. The difference between remodeling and restoration is that remodelers tear down and rebuild parts of buildings to make something new. Remodeling does not involve fixing damage from water, fires, or mold like restoration does.

Here’s an example of remodeling a house. The homeowners wanted to redesign their kitchen to look different than it does now. They would hire a remodeling company to tear down the existing kitchen, and install a new design!

Restoration can overlap with remodeling because sometimes, when a house is damaged and the harmed material has to be removed, the homeowners may want to rebuild the area differently, instead of putting it back exactly as it was before. At Cleaner Guys, we do this kind of remodeling all the time.

The photo below is an example of a real Cleaner Guys job! A homeowner called us to remove a mold infestation in their kitchen. They used the money their home insurance gave them to get different materials! They felt extremely pleased with their newly restored kitchen.

Cleaner Guys kitchen restoration and remodel job.

“Do I Need a Restoration Company?”

When water, fire, mold, or any other such disaster damages your home or business, you contact a restoration company. If your toilet or sink overflows and fills the room with standing water, after you call a plumber, you’ll need a restoration company to clean up the water and make sure the area doesn’t get mold. When you have a house fire and the fire department puts it out with their huge water hoses, you’ll need a restoration company to take out all the fire, soot, and water damaged materials, and restore your home or business to how it was before. That’s what restoration companies do!

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Restoration in Western Washington State

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