What Are the Restoration Steps?

What can you expect from CG when you work with us? Read on!

mold inspection in progress - mold inspection company in bellingham wa

Step 1: The First Visit
(or Two)

✅  Walking you through paperwork, insurance (if applicable), and answering all your questions!

✅  Taking photos of everything to document the scope of the damage.

✅  Extracting all standing water (if applicable).

✅  Laying down floor protection for our work.

✅  Containing the damaged area with containment equipment.

✅  Setting up equipment to dry out out the damaged area.

✅  If necessary, taking samples of flooring and drywall to test for asbestos.

             Duration: typically 1 or 2 days

tenant damage repair in mount vernon wa

Step 2: Removal of Materials

✅  Where applicable, we’ll next remove all affected materials that are not savable. This may include drywall, insulation, flooring, cabinetry, etc.

✅  Cleaning the affected area comes next, to prep for restoration.

✅  We then monitor the current drying equipment as it does its work, and remove and add equipment as needed.

✅  We usually take more photo documentation at this stage.

Duration: depends entirely on the scope of the damage.

tenant damage repair in mount vernon wa
how to dry out water damage, what to do water damage

Step 3: Moisture Level Monitoring

✅  Technicians will monitor the equipment and moisture levels until everything is thoroughly dry.

✅  Equipment will be adjusted, moved, and replaced as needed.

      Duration: typically 3-7 days.

Step 4: Full Restoration and Cleaning

✅  Once the area is completely dry, all unsalvageable materials have been removed, and the area has been cleaned, restoration can begin.

✅  All new materials will be purchased locally or ordered, according to your needs and desires, and work will begin as soon as we have each material.

✅  Our technicians replace everything that was damaged, and completely restore your home or business to its former look and functionality.

Duration: entirely depends on the size and scope of each unique project. Ask your project manager for an estimated timeline for your project.

Step 5: Job Completion
and Billing

✅  Once restoration is complete, all equipment, tools, and material scraps will be removed, and any temporarily moved furniture will be put back.

✅  Final thorough cleaning, removing any trace we were there.

✅  Final photo documentation.

✅  You will receive your invoice via mail and/or email within 7 days of job completion.

✅  If an insurance claim has been filed, your insurance company will be CC’d on your invoice.

That’s what to expect from your experience with CG, in a nutshell. 

If you feel that you need more information, feel free to contact us by calling us, emailing us, or texting your project manager (if applicable).

If you are NOT getting your damage taken care of with CG yet,
but you want it to be this smooth and straightforward, contact us now!